Review: Adaptation

adaptationTitle:  Adaptation

Author:  Malinda Lo

Genre:  YA SciFi

Source:  Netgalley


From GoodReads:  Reese can’t remember anything from the time between the accident and the day she woke up almost a month later. She only knows one thing: She’s different now.

Across North America, flocks of birds hurl themselves into airplanes, causing at least a dozen to crash. Thousands of people die. Fearing terrorism, the United States government grounds all flights, and millions of travelers are stranded.

Reese and her debate team partner and longtime crush David are in Arizona when it happens. Everyone knows the world will never be the same. On their drive home to San Francisco, along a stretch of empty highway at night in the middle of Nevada, a bird flies into their headlights. The car flips over. When they wake up in a military hospital, the doctor won’t tell them what happened, where they are—or how they’ve been miraculously healed.

Things become even stranger when Reese returns home. San Francisco feels like a different place with police enforcing curfew, hazmat teams collecting dead birds, and a strange presence that seems to be following her. When Reese unexpectedly collides with the beautiful Amber Gray, her search for the truth is forced in an entirely new direction—and threatens to expose a vast global conspiracy that the government has worked for decades to keep secret.

What I thought:

I don’t read a lot of Scifi.  What I have read has been hit or miss.  I either love it and can’t put it down or I struggle to suspend my logic while I try to find something I find believable.  (I know, this coming from a woman who enjoys books about vampires, werewolves, angels, and ghosts!)

Adaptation started out promising.  Mysterious happenings, cover ups and conspiracy theories are all things that get me excited about a book.

Reese, her dabate partner, David, and their coach Mr. Chapman, are waiting in an airport for their flight home to board, when suddenly flocks of birds begin to strike planes causing them to crash.  All flights are grounded.  The three decide to rent a car to return home.  While on route, chaos has struck the city and the trio is victim to an attempted carjacking that has their debate coach shot dead and Reese and David narrowly escaping.  Still trying to get home, Reese and David are in a serious car accident and wake up nearly a month later in a government hospital where they received newly developed medical treatment to save their lives.  Upon returning home, both start to realize that their treatment has left them somehow changed.

This is where the story loses me.  I find the characters’ passivity infuriating.  A teen is treated in a medical facility for almost a month and her mother has not been involved or even aware of anything related to her treatments.  She just passively accepts the “top secret” label and waits for her daughter to come home?  Huh?  I don’t think so!  They would have to put me behind bars, in chains and sedated to keep me away!  And this mother is a lawyer!  I found this book filled with situations just like this that had me wondering what in the world they were thinking!

I had a hard time finishing this book.  I just didn’t really care about the characters or the outcome.  As this is my first “review” book, I feel bad that it is a negative one.  I would hate to tell anyone to pass up on a book, but this one wasn’t for me.

Note:  I received a digital copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.


2 thoughts on “Review: Adaptation

  1. I remember struggling with my first few review books when I started blogging, I went through a phase where none of them appealed to me and I felt so bad about it, but it get’s easier. It’s too bad this one didn’t work for you but I like the way you explained what you didn’t like without being harsh. Hope your next review read is better for ya!
    Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

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