Finding Balance

I wear a lot of hats!  Too many hats maybe.  I’m a wife, a mother, a homeschooler, a Spanish teacher, a family ministry director, a parent educator and I’ve recently added book blogger to this long list.  It can be hard to juggle so many different things but I usually manage just fine.  (My husband may disagree with this statement.)  I manage, that is, until a major event or deadline sends me into a tailspin, demanding more and more of my time, than I had allotted.  This week it was Easter!

Part of my job in Family Ministries is running the Children’s ministry.  I love special holidays with the kids.  I get to detour off our regular curriculum and do something big, fun, and exciting.  However, big, fun, and exciting requires a lot of work.

Given where Easter falls on the calendar it is also the time of year I need to look at my children’s school work and well as the Spanish classes I teach and make sure everyone is set to finish strong.  We have less than a month left of school!  This means extra study time with each one of my three kids.  Making sure they are where they should be in each of their subjects, spending time looking forward to final exams and helping them prepare to study for those, identifying year end projects and pacing them out to finish on time, etc.  Similarly for my classes, I’m making sure we are on track with our syllabus to complete the curriculum, preparing a final exam and study guide, etc.

Each morning when I woke up this week, I thought about what I might blog about that day from the posts I have started weeks prior.  And every night I would go to bed thinking, “Tomorrow!”  while I pick up my current read and fall asleep before I made it to the end of the page.  But now Easter is over and I am getting back to it.  (While keeping my eye on finals week and the crazy VBS week that will be looming shortly after! )

So my question, to all you experienced bloggers with crazy schedules is this:  How do you find balance?  What do you do to keep your blog moving when there is no time for it in your life that week?


6 thoughts on “Finding Balance

    • How smart is that. I have been making a list at the start of each week and then getting started on them, basically working on them all at the same time and posting or scheduling them as I finish. It is way more random than how I live the rest of my life. This sounds like a good idea.

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  2. I know quite a few bloggers who are mommies and also have jobs. and they also run a blog. I have nothing but praise for them. I honestly don’t know how bloggers like you produce content and then also have a mommy and a job hat on!
    The way I keep a schedule is by commenting on one day and scheduling post on another and the rest of the time is for life and reading!
    Anyway, great post! Blogging can get on top sometimes! xxxx
    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

      • No worries. I genuinely take my hate off to you for doing all that you do and then being a blogger. Remember this is a hobby for fun so don’t ever get stressed! Take a break! 🙂 xx

        Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

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