Jumping in with Both Feet

  I tend to be cautious about most things.  I can study a project for weeks or even months before I dive in.  I am a planner by nature.  Before I start anything I need to research and plan and outline and plan some more.  But this time I’ve decided to jump in with both feet and just do it.  So here I am, writing my first post in my new blog without a plan, outline, or design in mind.  This time I’m going to learn as I go and see where it takes me.  

  I guess it isn’t completely honest to say I don’t have a plan.  What I don’t have is a detailed plan.  This morning as I looked at the stacks of books on the floor that surround my nightstand, I decided I needed a place to record my thoughts as I made my way through these stacks of books.  I have kept reading journals for years to record the books I read and what I thought about each one.  But the composition books just stack up together with the books.  I decided a blog might be different.  A way to share my thoughts rather than just record them.  



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